Boulder CO Restaurants – Which Of These Four Fits Your Fancy?

Boulder CO is one of my favorite US cities. It is certainly my favorite in the state. I became aware of the city when it was featured in one of my favorite movies growing up. After looking into the city further, I realized just how many people like Boulder and why it is so popular. It is a great place to live or vacation for many reasons. As you discover more about the city yourself, I want to give you some of the best restaurants in Boulder CO so that you know where to eat when you arrive there.

Black Cat is an interesting name for a restaurant. It is one of the top ranked establishments in Boulder, coming in at #13 on a top travel site out of over 400 restaurants. It is found on 13th Street, and it is known for its six course meals and tasting menu. If you are ready to have a dinner you will never forget, this is the place. Yes, it is classy fine dining, but how often do you get a chance to do that?

The next establishment is Foolish Craig’s Cafe, and it is found on Pearl Street. This restaurant is a good place to get lunch or brunch, so now you essentially have your meals covered. Of course, I’m going to give you more than just two restaurant names. One of the menu items that everyone seems to like at Foolish Craig’s Cafe is the BLT. A BLT does sound pretty good right about now.

The Sink is the next place I want to feature in Boulder CO, and what a name, right? The Sink is located on 13th Street as well, and it the menu highlights are mouthwatering. You are talking about smoked brisket, burgers and what the place calls a Cowboy Reuben. It makes you wonder if it is anything like a regular Reuben.

The fourth Boulder restaurant I want to bring to your attention is Boulder Cork. It is on 30th Street, and the establishment serves up prime rib, mud pie and more. Throw some delicious sides in there, and that would be all I need to know.

Prime rib is certainly delicious, but these establishments serve up all kinds of great foods. You have four of them to choose from, so which is it going to be? I think I would visit The Sink first and order up some smoked brisket.

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